Do the Victor’s Write the History?

If “History is written by the victors,” then why are Marxist losers in control of our history curriculum?

I think we can all agree that racism is bad. If not, fuck you!

But the question is, why is hating old white guys just because they are old and white largely celebrated? I fully support every one of your rights, including the right to hold an opposing political position, and don’t care what kind of sports you play in your bedroom.

Then why, because I support the president, am I deemed the divisive hater who must be destroyed by any means necessary? How come it is alright for one side to investigate every rumor and accusation, with the press demanding deep dives and resignations, but the other side can’t even ask basic questions?

At what point did putting blind faith in intelligence services, press, fact-checkers, politicians and bureaucrats become patriotic? If the opposition party truly believes the president has committed an impeachable offense(s), and the American public is demanding action, why not just vote on it? Then we can discuss it out in the open in Congress via C-Span.

I bet that if the D’s show President Trump theirs, he would gladly show you his. How’s that grab you?

If political maneuvering to affect a future election’s outcome is a nefarious and criminal matter, then why with a mere twelve months till 2020 elections are D’s politically maneuvering to impeach? No matter the outcome, won’t that impeachment effort affect our coming election?

Can the American voting public not be trusted to get it right next time?

Throughout its existence, Washington DC has consistently been the international benchmark for corruption. So, if Donald Trump is the corrupt, compromised shit on the shoe of pond scum politician they claim he is, then why don’t he and the swamp-creatures make a shit load of corrupt deals? Make it all go away with a little D.C. pay to play.

Last, but not least: All international relationships are quid pro quo “We’re America Bitch!”

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