Legal Weed is Amazing

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Back in 1985, a little ol’ band called Guns N’ Roses formed in my living room. And thus, I became the band’s first manager. As a trusted member of G N’ R’s inner circle for the remainder of the decade, I witnessed the iconic band tour the world’s stages as they rose to the pinnacle of rock ‘n’ roll.

With good times and fun stories constantly swirling about in my mind’s eye, I resolved to set the standard for which all future memoirs should be judged. Four hundred and twenty drafts later, the product of that quest emerged: The Days of Guns & Raz’s. Far more than a Hollywood rock ‘n’ roll memoir, the book follows my drug-addled journey from a feral child to moral-ish adult. Add a crippling spinal injury during high school, through rehabilitation into a life of riding a wheelchair, the story keeps rolling along.