Life's Movie is Mostly B-Roll

Raz Cue Was a Stand Up Guy

Originally Published June 14, 2017 Back in the day, while I was still attending the old school, I used to tell jokes to half-filled rooms

I Love I Hate & I Don’t Care

Originally Published June 17, 2017 I, of course, am referring to computers. As a left-handed nine-word-per-minute typist, gotta love technology. Photoshop is pretty awesome, too. I

Hotter Than a Witch Tit

Originally Published June 19, 2017 Or is it which tit? Is that a movie about a disabled witch, who can only move one boob? My

Less is More — More or Less

Originally Posted June 24, 2017 I can’t remember the first time I heard that “less is more” saying. Unlike when I first heard, “failure is not

Let’s Work Together

Originally Posted August 19, 2017 I know many honest, hardworking, creative, compassionate, intelligent patriots who love President Trump. But, I also know many honest, hardworking,

They Gave Me the Electric Chair

Originally Posted September 19, 2018 I was only 15 when I broke my fuckin neck, so of course, I did a half-assed job of it.

Axl Rose

An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

Originally Posted June 29, 2019 Hello Duff, Raz Cue here. How’s it going, buddy? Long time! First let me say, your fans have been warm

I Got it Wrong In My Book

Originally Posted July 2, 2019 Before my fifteen minutes is up, won’t you allow me a few points of clarification on my open letter to