How To Combine Two Duff Posts Into One

In 2019 I broke the Hollywood “dude-bro code” by publishing these two blogs. For all those who got their panties in a bunch, I made no revelations or accusations. Zero! Every dastardly deed spoken of in the following blog was common knowledge from 1987 onward. It is a fact that for a decade GNR actively […]

Do the Victor’s Write the History?

If “History is written by the victors,” then why are Marxist losers in control of our history curriculum? I think we can all agree that racism is bad. If not, fuck you! But the question is, why is hating old white guys just because they are old and white largely celebrated? I fully support every […]

How a Pot Loving Metal Head Became an Ignorant Hateful Tool of the “Far Right”

I have a friend of thirty years, Jesse, who is an extremely talented musician. Way back in the eighties and nineties, his world-class rock ‘n’ soul band drew hundreds of fans to packed Sunset Strip shows. Ultimately, Jesse never received that one lucky big-break. Or he lacked the songwriting skills, and cutthroat hunger of those […]

Rap, Uncle Ted & The Rock Hall of Fame

“Rap overtakes rock as the most popular genre among music fans,” shouted a 2018 USA Today headline. Born on the streets of 1970’s inner-city America, the influential genre has dispatched to second place the formally dominant, seemingly immortal art form known as rock ‘n’ roll. Way to go rap music. So happy for you and […]

How I Made it Big in “Show Business:”1989-91

So there I was, dicking along in life, figuring my embarrassing juvenile criminal record automatically sealed upon the day I turned eighteen. Wrong! One needed to apply and then have a hearing before a judge. A year after beginning the process, I received a letter informing me that my juvenile idiocy no longer existed. From […]

How I Learnt to Love the Normies: 1986-89

Theoretically, this book is about me, so let’s jump back to 1986 and right after Guns N’ Roses signed with Geffen Records. While they were busy conquering the universe, I was living my version of a normal life. I turned twenty-one, so Pops took me on a long-anticipated trip to Fabulous Las Vegas. It was […]

When Guns N’ Roses Ruled Their World: 1989

I don’t know if it was something I did or said, but Axl never again called or gave me his phone number. I wasn’t officially blacklisted, and never had an issue getting show tickets and passes. Plus, whenever I ran into Axl, he never seemed unhappy to see me. We’d chat and get caught up […]

How to Get a Thrill That Will Get You: 1988

After months of relentless touring, G N’ R earned themselves a little time off. At the start of 1988, they returned to Hollywood as conquering heroes and were without a doubt the new band with the biggest buzz in the business. But in a flash, they were on the road again for most of February, […]

How the World Met Guns N’ Roses: 1987

By the start of 87, The Wild were also long gone from their Gardner Street studio. All the cool 24/7 parties moved to Orange Street, right around the corner from the iconic Chinese Theater. A recent building boom had produced several mostly-wheelchair-accessible, poorly built, half-occupied, future-overpriced-slum apartment complexes on the block. There they waited for […]

The Very First Steps to Becoming Infamous: 1986

Guns N’ Roses pulled a capacity crowd into the Troubadour on the first Saturday night of 1986. Along with a first-ever opportunity for fans to purchase Guns N’ Roses T-shirts, club goers also heard and felt the “My Michelle” debut. For months, Axl had wanted to use a particular segment from Scarface’s score for the […]

A New L.A. Guns Steps Up to Challenge GNR: 1985

Whatever Tracii Guns believed he had going on, right after getting the boot from G N’ R, never panned out. After a few months of sitting around twiddling his thumbs, one afternoon he dropped by my house to tell me he formed a new band with Nickey Alexander. Tracii asked if he could use the […]

The Guns N’ Roses You Know N’ Love: 1985

Axl only had one guitarist in mind. But Izzy expressed a desire to explore all options, in hopes of finding an older, more established musician. Axl remained steadfast and eventually convinced Izzy to at least invite Slash over to talk music, and perhaps those two might play some guitar together. The day after that get-together, […]