Bud’s Love Bus Signed


Three Friends Modify a 1972 VW Bus to run on weed.

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When Herb Gardner and Bud Green became fed up with the high cost of gasoline – while higher than those gas prices – they decided to turn Bud’s 1972 Volkswagen Bus into an alternative-fuel vehicle. Stoner logic led them to the brilliant plan of making the vehicle run on their favorite, readily available, easily cultivated, high-energy biomass. So they got busy, and with more than a little help from their friend, Frank Odious, they spent the better part of a year designing and building a twenty-first-century green-powered vehicle. Along the way they smoked a few fatties, embarked on a high speed road trip, dodged the law, clashed with mysterious secret agents, and smoked a couple more fatties. So come along for the ride. It’s a fun trip and many other clichés.


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