Do the Victor’s Write the History?

If “History is written by the victors,” then why are Marxist losers in control of our history curriculum? I think we can all agree that racism is bad. If not, fuck you! But the question is, why is hating old white guys just because they are old and white largely celebrated? I fully support every […]

How a Pot Loving Metal Head Became an Ignorant Hateful Tool of the “Far Right”

I have a friend of thirty years, Jesse, who is an extremely talented musician. Way back in the eighties and nineties, his world-class rock ‘n’ soul band drew hundreds of fans to packed Sunset Strip shows. Ultimately, Jesse never received that one lucky big-break. Or he lacked the songwriting skills, and cutthroat hunger of those […]

Rap, Uncle Ted & The Rock Hall of Fame

“Rap overtakes rock as the most popular genre among music fans,” shouted a 2018 USA Today headline. Born on the streets of 1970’s inner-city America, the influential genre has dispatched to second place the formally dominant, seemingly immortal art form known as rock ‘n’ roll. Way to go rap music. So happy for you and […]

The Necessity to Keep & Bear Arms

I believe every sane American should own some kind of firearm. You think Germany in the 30’s woulda turned out different if it was an armed populace? You think the American Indians wish they woulda armed up, and banded together, around 1820-1845? Guns don’t kill people, governments kill people. Check the stats! I think you’ll […]

I Got it Wrong In My Book

Before my fifteen minutes is up, won’t you allow me a few points of clarification on my open letter to Duff? First, I have never brought politics to my book’s page, and very rarely on my personal page. Neither have I ever openly stated support for any political party or politician. I will never again […]

An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

Hello Duff, Raz Cue here. How’s it going, buddy? Long time! First let me say, your fans have been warm and supportive of my book. For that, I am forever thankful. It was fun while it lasted. I feel compelled to ask you a few questions. Remember, not too long ago, when you said this? […]

They Gave Me the Electric Chair

I was only 15 when I broke my fuckin neck, so of course, I did a half-assed job of it. I have what is called an incomplete spinal injury. Basically fully paralyzed on my right side, and weakened left side. 38 years later, other than flat un-carpeted, land I never really got good at moving […]

Let’s Work Together

I know many honest, hardworking, creative, compassionate, intelligent patriots who love President Trump. But, I also know many honest, hardworking, creative, compassionate, intelligent patriots who hate Trump. There’s not a Nazi or bigot amongst the group. Almost overnight, all grey area’s vanished. Polarization was not an accident. I must ask: Can we all agree that […]

Less is More — More or Less

I can’t remember the first time I heard that “less is more” saying. Unlike when I first heard, “failure is not an option.” It was in the Apollo 13 movie. Which isn’t true. Failure is always an option. How you react, learn, or ignore a failure is what truly matters. But when it comes to […]

Hotter Than a Witch Tit

Or is it which tit? Is that a movie about a disabled witch, who can only move one boob? My Left Tit. As is often the case, that’s not what I was gonna talk about when I wrote my title. I often get a little sidetracked. But seeing as I haven’t smoked pot in over […]