I, of course, am referring to computers. As a left-handed nine-word-per-minute typist, gotta love technology. Photoshop is pretty awesome, too. I mean, back n the day I’d pay mucho bucks and then wait at least a few days to get a graphic that I can now knock out at home quite quickly. Minutes or hours.

Computers save time. Except when they don’t!

That’s when I get the hate going on. I’m two weeks into a brand new (mostly) kick-ass computer, and there are a few exceptionally minor software flaws that I have spent several hours trying to work around or fix. Then I spent more hours. Then it was a few days on and off trying to…details spared to avoid boring shit.

I don’t care more than you don’t care so I’ll get back into my penniless Bill Gates mode and try to get all this shit spinning like a top before lunch.